Software products

for cold chain and logistics operations


Supply chain planning and management platform that controls flow of goods and services that includes the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.

Item.li provides a full control over availability of goods in warehouses, manages warehouses, performs data cataloging, serialization and processing inventory reports.

Implemented as a single-instance, multi-tenant solution, meaning that one piece of technology privately accessible to all clients. The benefits of a true SaaS model include continuous improvements through software upgrades, lower start-up costs, and quicker deployment. The software is highly configurable to each company’s individual transportation needs.

With Item.li companies can have:

  • Visibility across the entire transportation network
  • Return on investment within 6-9 months
  • Zero software maintenance fee
  • Real-time data through one single SaaS solution
  • Continuous improvements and cost savings
  • Manage all aspects for the transportation and storage  process
  • Move goods and services timely and cost-effectively.
  • Centralize control to manage transport and storage transactions
  • Scale infrastructure and quickly adapt technology to changing business needs


Zeento.Cloud is all about automation, transparency and having a centralized and precise information point for all parties involved.

Advanced cloud platform for planning and control on fruit ripening and respiration, storage and cold chain management allows not only typical operations and resources planning like typical ERP systems do, but also educates you on how to store your commodities and minimize waste, which is, by the way, sometimes goes above 30% of your stock.

Designed to function both with LoggerDaisy and third-party sensors, Zeento.Cloud allows you to have real-time overview and detailed information on all commodities you have in your cooling, ripening and storage rooms.

Recommended commodity thermal properties and storage conditions compared together with your actual storage rooms carefully analyzed in real time and you will be notified about any changes that might affect your commodities.

Your fruits and vegetables might come from origins where artificial ripeners had been used, Zeento.Cloud will let you know about that too. The same as letting you know about possible diseases that can affect your commodities from that origin.

Rich reporting and alerts functionality will notify you in real time about storage condition changes, risk of waste and other factors that influence your operations.

Zeento.Cloud created in a way that you can integrate it with any other third-party software or hardware product. While already comes with rich API framework, number of other ways to integrate third-party data, like FTP, HTTP can be added on demand.