for cold chain and logistics operations

Food, like fruits or vegetables are transported over big distances or are stored over long term periods of time. To ensure that these fruits stay fresh during that time they are stored in a special protective atmosphere. Due to a defined temperature and a controlled Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen and other gases concentration it is possible to manipulate the ripening and the growth, as well as improve post-harvest shelf life, of the fruits and vegetables.

The use of reliable gas sensors allows a more efficient control of the food storage rooms, a higher safety level and a better production.

LoggerDaisy™ sensors

Gedank Rayze actively collaborates with LoggerDaisy startup that designs and produces own sensor modules for various industries like Cold Chain, HVAC, Smart Home and others. Together with LoggerDaisy we have performed number of lab tests and data analyses on impacts of various gases and volatile organic compounds on fruits and vegetables post harvest, ripening and rotting. Most of this research was used in building Zeento.Cloud - software platform for Cold Chain industry.

LoggerDaisy™ is a IoT Platform that collects various sensors’ data and presenting it in an understandable manner. Sensors, from basic temperature, humidity and air pressure, to very complex industrial ones, like Carbon Dioxide and Ethylene, can be used in warehouses, cold chain storage rooms, green houses, transport, and office buildings, homes and even outdoor.

LoggerDaisy™ hardware and software components come as the Industrial Internet of Things (IOT): a network of physical objects, system platforms, and applications that contain embedded technology to communicate and share intelligence with each other, the external environment, and with people.

LoggerDaisy™ VOCA sensor provides detection of carbon dioxide and number of various volatile organic compounds in addition to its standard temperature, humidity and air pressure measurements. The sensor can withstand a wide enough range of temperatures to allow all types of food to be monitored

LoggerDaisy™ ETPH is a multiple sensors wireless device that comes together with cloud driven platform for the cold chain market companies that require advanced control on fruit ripening and respiration. ETPH unit hosts temperature, humidity, air pressure, carbon dioxide and ethylene sensors.

Third-Party sensors

Besides sensors we have developed together with LoggerDaisy, we also provide number of various data loggers, trackers and sensors from other manufacturers that we are working with closely in the last few years.